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Everest Industrial Co., Inc
(Head Office)

  •Capital : US$ 2,000,000

•Employees : 120 persons

•Land Area : 13,890 M2

•Building Area : 6,000 M2

•Main Business : Sales Department、Investment Casting

ChiTai Industry Phils., Inc
(Philippine Factory)

  •Capital : US$ 1,000,000

•Employees : 200 persons

•Land Area : 10,000 M2

•Building Area  : 7,500 M2

•Main Business : Investment Casting、Machining、Polishing

1. In the year 1971, Everest Industrial co., Inc built in Taipei city, bicycle assembling.

2. In the year 1973, Everest built “Investment Casting factory” in Hsin Chu City, focused on export to produce Marine Hardware.

3. In the year 1980, Everest developed high technique bicycle parts remarkably.

4. In the year 1987, In support of government policy “The advance of Taiwan Industrial ", we developed high technique machine parts to offer OEM and ODM products.

5. In the year 1995, we established Philippine Precision Casting, Inc (Branch 1) in production Marine Hardware, Building Hardware, Machining and polishing parts.

6. In the year 1999, We got the certificate “ ISO 9002” by TÜV to the principle of “ Satisfy Customer with Right Quality”.

7. In the year 2001, we established Lost Wax Casting factory in Clark Special Economic Zone, Philippine (Branch II).

8. In the year 2001, we start to produce automobile parts.

9. In July of year 2002, Lost Wax Casting factory in Philippine (Branch II) started in mass production.

10. In the year 2002, we start on sampling the automobile safety parts.

11. In the year 2003, the automobile parts was start in mass production.

12. In the year 2003, we got the quality certificate of ISO 9001 by TÜV in effort for Production Improves and new products develop to offer our best quality and services.

13. In the year 2005, Lost Wax Casting factory in Philippine (Branch II) got the certificate “ ISO 9001” by TÜV

14. In the year 2006, we got the quality certificate from MITSUBISH MATERIAL

15. In the year 2006, October, we start to produce the automobile parts for European market.

16. In the year 2010, December, we got the quality certificate of ISO/TS 16949 by TÜV.

17. In the year 2013, Philippine factory(Branch II) got TÜV ISO/TS 16949 certificate.

18. In the year 2015, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs issued the Award for over 40 years promoting business and employment development.

19. In the year 2016, Granted the Award of development, production and contribution by YAMAHA.

20. In February of the year 2018, Everest acquired the certificates of “IATF 16949 : 2016” and “ISO 9001 : 2015” issued by TÜV.

21. In June of the year 2018, CHITAI (Branch II ) obtained the certificates of “IATF 16949 : 2016” and “ISO 9001 : 2015” issued by TÜV.

22. In September of the year 2019, EVEREST PRECISION CASTING INC., the first plant set in the Philippines, was decommissioned completely, merging all the original process equipment to the second plant in the Philippines, ChiTai Industry Phils. Inc.. (At present, the united factory is called Philippine factory) and will continuously provide production and service with excellent quality for our customers.


Everest Industrial Co., Inc (Head office)
     ADDRESS : NO.669, Keng Tze Kou, Feng Keng Tsun, Hsinfeng, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
     TEL : 886-3-5590523
     FAX : 886-3-5572942
     E-Mail : sales@everest-ind.com.tw